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Our Chef's Specials
(with white rice)

Hot & Spicy Shredded Beef or Chicken
Hunan Chicken
(Boneless white meat chicken w. mixed vegetables in spicy brown sauce)
Szechuan Chicken
Kung Po Chicken with Peanuts
General Tso's Chicken
(Boneless white meat chicken chunks marinated & quickly stir fried.  All is then sautd with
     scorched red pepper in our special tangy sauce)
Sesame Chicken
(Boneless white meat chicken chunks with fresh broccoli plus the sesame on top, in tangy sauce)
Pineapple Chicken
Crispy Chicken with Orange Flavor
(Chunks of white meat chicken with hot chilies and fresh orange peel)
Crispy Beef with Orange Flavor
(Chunks of steak seared & cook with fresh tangerine peel & enhanced by a tangy brown sauce)
Szechuan Shrimp
Pineapple Chicken
(Slices of white meat chicken, beef, shrimp with baby corn, bamboo shoots, snow peas, green
     pepper & broccoli in a spicy hot brown sauce)
Triple Delight Szechuan Style
(Sliced beef, white meat chicken, shrimp with mixed vegetable in a spice Szechuan sauce)
Crispy Duck
General Tso's Shrimp
Four Seasons
(Slices of white meat chicken, beef, shrimp, roast pork sautd with mixed vegetables
     in a brown sauce)
Butterfly Shrimp with Bacon
Dragon & Phoenix
(Divided General Tso's Chicken and Hot & Spicy Shrimp)
Scallop & Beef Hunan Style
(Fresh scallops, slices of beef sautd with broccoli, bamboo shoots & snow peas,
     baby corn, green pepper hot spicy in brown sauce)
Hunan Beef and Shrimp
Seafood Combination
(Jumbo shrimp, fresh scallop, lobster meat, imitation crab meat with mixed vegetables
     in a special white sauce)
Happy Family
(Jumbo shrimp, white meat chicken, roast pork. scallop, lobster meat, beef with
     mixed vegetables in a brown sauce)